Easter is coming and I'm not sure about you, but when I was little that was dress up time.   I'm a twin and my mom had fun dressing us up for any special occasion.  We even had hats, gloves and white patent leather shoes.  The dress in this picture was my favorite and as you can tell, it is a bit short, but I begged my mom to wear it on Easter Sunday. I'm not sure why I had my hands over my mouth, and the look on my older sister's face is classic.  I'm sure she was thrilled to be in a picture with the two of us.

forget the frock the real one


When I became a mom, I went a step further and made my girls dresses every Easter.  Oh, did I mention, I would make a matching one for me too?  Yeah, you won't see that one posted here.  But here is one of my girls.

Forget the Frock 1.jpeg


But things are different now.  The girls are all grown up, one with a family of her own.  Being on a church staff, I am on my feet all day long so these days I don tennis shoes instead of patent leathers shoes.  Then this year a special friend introduced me to a movement.

There are times in our lives where the call to do something is so strong you almost can't stand it.  And my friend, Emily was moved into action. She took James 1:27 to heart.

Religion that God accepts as pure and without fault is this: caring for orphans or widows who need help, and keeping yourself free from the world’s evil influence. (NCV)  James 1:27

My heart breaks when I hear of children who are orphaned or abandoned.  I have my own adoption story which you can read about here.  But I am moved to tears when I hear about hurting children.  

James 1:27  is true religion.  You may be asking yourself how can I help?  Not everyone feels called to adopt or run off to a third world country and bring home a child.

Well, there is a for you be involved.  It's called Forget the Frock.

Emily took James 1:27 to heart and made it really simple for us to get involved.  She's helping feed orphans.  And here is how can help.  Instead of purchasing a new Easter dress this year, purchase a t-shirt instead.  Send the money you would use for the fancy duds to Forget the Frock and they will send you a t-shirt to wear on Easter Sunday.  The proceeds from your purchase FTF uses to feed orphans.
FTF 2014 tshirt

It may seem like a small gesture but it's huge to a child who needs so much.  You can hear more of Emily's story at www.forgetthefrock.org.

Oh and I'll be wearing my T-shirt this Easter.  Will you join me?