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We recently wrapped up a book study withwww.incourage.me on Angie Smith’s book “What Women Fear:  A Faith that Transforms”. We learned about several fears that can control our lives.  I co lead this group of women with Crystal Twaddle.  You can read these post by chapter at  http://crystaltwaddell.com/category/fear/ and on this blog.  Search for “What Women Fear”.

I wanted to stop by and just put some final notes down.  Angie, so eloquently shares these fears in her book and walks us through how she overcomes these fears.

I have heard that so many times….trade your fear for faith….and yes, I do believe faith replaces fear.  But I guess, in my mind, it just isn’t as black and white as some people make it sound.  It is more of a balancing act, where we deliberately lean into Him and away from our fear. ~ Angie Smith

I agree, it is a balancing act.  But it takes me making the choice to lean into God each time a fear grasps my heart.  This balancing act takes trust.  Trusting in the One true God who wants…….. you.  Who wants to shower you with His love.  Fear has gripped my life longer than I care to admit.  Trusting God wasn’t easy for me.  Leaning into Him took courage.  But in doing so He has brought me peace.  God created fear for a reason, it keeps us alert.  But so many times, I have used the excuse of “fear” to stop me from doing what He wants me to do.  Let me tell you, my love for God, my desire to serve Him is far greater then this fear.  So I push forward through the fear of failure, through the fear of what if, the fear that I am not good enough, smart enough or educated enough to serve the King of Kings who saved me.

Let me encourage you today, lean into God and trust Him.

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