Well, you found my little corner of the internet.  This is a space where I've tried my hand at writing out the things God's placed on my heart.  I didn't set out to reveal this space to the world when I started posting scripture on Facebook and Instagram.  In fact, in frustration of not being able to spend time writing the question became "What would you rather have people read, your words or God's word?"  The answer was simple I want people to read God's word.  Honestly, I've loved diving into God's word and sharing it with you.  I look forward to it everyday. Posting the scriptures of Jesus I've found stories I would love to expand on and it didn't seem appropriate in a Facebook post.  There was too much to say.  So if you are still with me allow me to walk you through some of those stories.....

         "For God so loved the world........"

God's plan from the very beginning was Jesus.  There was no plan B, nor did God change course when Jesus came into this world.  It's always been Jesus.

God's love for you and me is perfect.  Jesus began his ministry at the age of 30 and it lasted for 3 years.   I can't tell you why he waited until the age of 30 or why only 3 years.  For those of you with toddlers in your home 3 years goes by fast!  In my finite mind there was too much for Jesus to say in just 3 short years.

What I do know is that God is perfect and his timing is perfect.  So at the age of 30 Jesus began.  He came to show us God's love, how to love others well...and to be the sacrifice that would take away our sin so we could be with the Father in heaven.

He gave his one and only Son........

Jesus' ministry involved many people.  I love the leadership application to that.  He chose 12 to follow him and taught them how to do ministry and then only a select few of those who he spent more time with.  Jesus used ordinary and sometimes broken people to share his message.

John the Baptist - A "fiery" person who spoke with boldness and confidence and his purpose was to 'Make straight the way for the Lord.' John 1:23 (NIV).  Yet while sitting in a jail cell perhaps in a moment of discouragement John sends word to Jesus ~ "Are you the one who was to come, or should we expect someone else?" Matthew 11:3 (NIV)   Have you ever been discouraged or perhaps doubted?  I'll admit it I have.  Jesus' reply to him is one I love as I've looked at my own discouragement and wondered if it's been worth it.    Jesus replied, "Go back and report to John what you hear and see:  The blind receive sight, the lame walk, those who have leprosy are cured, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, and the good news is preached to the poor.   Blessed is the man who does not fall away on account of me." Matthew 11:4-6 (NIV)  Now I have not witnessed a modern day healing, but I have seen God at work many times.  So for me, this means, "don't get discourage, I'm about my Father's business and God is at work!"  That's encouraging news!

Peter - Here is a guy I can really relate too.  I can't tell you how many times I've "jumped" into the proverbial waters only to loose sight of God and sink. Matthew 14:28 And yet, upon Peter's confession of who Jesus really was Jesus announces he will build his church through him.  But Peter messes up again when he denies Jesus not once, but 3 times.  After the resurrection, Jesus asks Peter three times "Simon son of John, do you love me?" I sense it's a much different Peter this time.  A humble, broken person who says "Yes Lord you know all things; you know that I love you." John 21:17 (NIV) This again gives me encouragement that even in my mess Jesus can use me too.

that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

Jesus praying to God in the garden says "Father, take this cup from me, but not my will but yours."  It's the point where Jesus humanness meets God's sovereignty.  Jesus was fully human and he understands pain.  He understands our brokenness.

The crucifixion story always makes me cry.  And for years my tears were not happy tears but tears of shame.  I could never be __________ enough for Jesus.  You can fill in the blank because I bet you've felt that way too.  Guilt for my sins was so great I couldn't see God's love through this sacrifice.  I just saw the sacrifice for me...and that was a little too much for me to bear.  Sin in sin no matter what it is.  And there is nothing we can do to earn our way into heaven.  The Bible tells us that God is perfect and cannot be associated with anything less then perfection.  But, the beginning of John 3:16 says "For God so loved..."  God loves you and me.  You see that's why Jesus came to take that penalty of sin so we could be with God.  Because He wants us to be with Him forever!  This is really good news friend.  These days you may see me shed a tear or two at the crucifixion story, but they are tears of gratefulness.  That God loved me so much he sent his Son to be my Savior.  The Bible is filled with stories of God's love and his relentless pursuit of his people and that includes you and me friend.

So what about you?  Was there a scripture that was posted that spoke to you?  Do you know this amazing love God has for you?


Recently, I had the opportunity to read Emily P Freeman’s new book Simply Tuesday.  As with other Emily P Freeman books this one continues to make me pause and allow God to do some much needed soul care.  In Simply Tuesday Emily encourages her readers to sit on a bench and seek out God’s kingdom right where we are in those small ordinary moments of our day.

I have to admit I seek big.  I often chase big.  I want larger than life, over the top God size dreams to happen to me every day.  In fact, I’ve experience God in big amazing ways in my life so when I began this book it sort of stopped me in my tracks.  I had to ask the question do I want big for my glory or am I seeking big for God’s glory?

To be sure, God can and does amazing things in very big ways and for His glory.  But Emily invites us to sit on a bench and seek God in everyday ordinary moments.  Emily says, “But the mystery of Christ in you is that there, on the bench, God ushers you into his kingdom.”  She goes on to say, “It is relief that comes from learning to lean back into small-moment living rather than trying to keep pace with a fast-moving world.”

I will be the first to admit I live a pretty crazy hectic life and sometimes my best efforts to slow down and “rest” are met with frustration.  Life just doesn’t stop even when this momma wants to take a nap!  Can I get an amen?

But I don’t want to miss any moment with God.

Big or small, I don’t want to fly by this life and not notice God’s goodness.  

So Emily invites us in to sit on a bench and appoints Tuesdays in which to notice the small in our lives.  Tuesdays are ordinary days.  They are not Mondays, the beginning of the week signaling a change in our weekend routines.  They are not Thursdays or Fridays when we inch closer to “the weekend”.  They are simply Tuesdays.  An opportunity to notice small moments.

I rather like this.  Emily states, ” It isn’t that I don’t believe the small things are important, its more that I forget to care about how important they are.”

Paying attention to small moments has allowed me to notice God’s goodness in my life.  A quick lunch with the hubs and suddenly he’s off to put gas in my car on a hot Arizona day.  A small moment, but one that reminds me how much I’m loved.  A quick glance out the window to notice a humming bird at the feeder.  Pauses to marvel at God’s creations.

“What gives moments meaning is not the moments themselves but the presence of Christ with us in the midst of them. To learn to live well in ordinary time is to keep company with Christ on our simple Tuesdays and remember how he delights in keeping company with us.”

Emily P. Freeman

A little over five years ago, I had one of those stop in my tracks, come to Jesus moments.  It was the crossroad where I looked down one way and say a life filled of fear, self doubt, performance and people pleasing.  The other road…I saw Jesus.  It wasn’t a clear road, rather one that I knew if I trusted Jesus I would have many moments of bench sitting in Christ’s kingdom.  I would be giving up all those things the first road offered, the one taunting me, saying you know this way, it’s your comfort zone and it is the only way.  I chose to trust Jesus.

My life is still hectic and I long to give up hustle but these days I choose to sit on a bench a little longer.  I choose to trust Jesus and know he has my best interest right in the palm of his hand.  I spend less time chasing big (whatever that was!) and more time noticing God’s mighty hand moving me in his plan for my life even in the small moments.

If you would like a copy of Emily P. Freeman’s book “Simply Tuesday Small-Moment Living in a Fast-Moving World you can order it on Amazon, Dayspring or Barnes and Noble.


Today is Good Friday. We just finished a huge Easter Egg Hunt at our church. Over 50,000 eggs, 1500+ families and a ton of prizes. Easter weekend is upon us. Sunday is coming and classrooms need to be prepped, teachers assigned, and chairs arranged. A million things to do to prepare for Sunday. Needless to say, it's a busy time for us church folks.

But today, as everyone is busy in our office preparing for the Easter weekend I can't help but think about Good Friday.

There is goodness in today. We have hope. Hope that Jesus will one day return. But we know the "rest" of the story. We know Sunday came. We read what happen that early Sunday morning. We know Jesus was raised from the dead and sits next to our Father in Heaven. And we place our hope is his returning.

But Friday.....they didn't know that. Friday was dark, defeated, grief filled and......broken.

It filled the air so thick one almost couldn't breath.

Questions swirled. Doubt crept in.

We thought he was the Messiah.

It wasn't suppose to be like this.

This was our King.

How did this happen? Why? God, why?

To be sure as the days and weeks unfolded the answers to these questions would be revealed. Jesus appeared. They touched him. Their eyes were open and pieces of the puzzle were connected.

But how many of us, in our own brokenness, question. Cry out in our grief and pain.....oh how we can get consumed in our own brokenness.

The "good" in Good Friday stems from the hope. And if we fix our eyes on Jesus and the cross that hope swells. That hope envelops us. It lifts ours heads and we receive strength to endure and run this race.

The good in this day is because the veil was torn and he paid the price. Death has overcome. Because of Jesus we can have eternal life free of pain and suffering.

For the disciples, Good Friday seemed the end. But to us, it's the beginning. This changes everything!

They just needed to know that Sunday was coming.......

"Come to me all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest."

 Matthew 11:28

Come to me and I will give you rest. Oh, there are days when I long for this. Life is busy and busy makes me weary. The burdens of a busy life make me weary.

But it’s not just sleep I yearn for. After a long and hard day it’s not hard to fall into bed and sleep. There is something more missing. Something deeper my heart is craving these days.

A connection.

Connection to something deeper, more intimate.

Our souls long for a connection to God. To rest in him and to know his peace. God created rest. He even modeled how to do it. Six days he worked and then “…and on the seventh day God rested.” Gen 2:2

So why is it so hard in our culture to rest? I think there are a few reasons why this is so difficult for people today. We are a very driven society. We have created things to make our lives “easier”, but in reality, we have created things to help us be more productive and busier. We are driven and we have placed our value on how much we can accomplish. We have become so good at this. So much so, we have accepted the definition of success based on how much we can get done. When we do get a chance to relax we don’t know how to do it and we become fidgety, restless and grumpy.

I’ll make a confession here; I am a people pleaser and very performance driven. I will work my tail off to serve and care, for others. And I would tell you I am doing it for the Lord, that I don’t need others approval, I just want to serve the Lord. But those would be lies, because deep down I do desire others approval. But here is the biggest lie. I am driven to perform for my Lord and it is His approval I seek.

Friend, before we go any further on our quest for Sabbath, please hear this: HE LOVES YOU. And you don’t need to perform for God. He loved you even before you knew and accepted him. We don’t have time today to go into this further, but know this. God loves you and wants you. And his grace covers us like a warm blanket on a snowy day. This grace is here, reaching out to us in the cup of his hands, for us to accept. If there is anything you have to “do”, is accept this grace.

God created Sabbath. And you might think, whew! I’m sure glad he did because I need a break. I can’t wait for the weekend so I can sleep in and stay in my jammies all day watching TV.

I don’t think that’s what God had in mind though. In Exodus 31:17 the Bible says: “It will be a sign between me and the Israelite forever, for in six days the LORD made the heavens and the earth and on the seventh day he abstained from work and rested."

Many of us see this as the example God gives us of how we should rest. You would be right. And in Exodus 20:8-11 God commands we rest and describes what it is. “Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy. ...Therefore the LORD blessed the Sabbath day and made it holy. Our rest should be a holy time with God.

Rest 2

So God created it and even commands us to do it, but we don’t do it do we? We fill our Sabbath days with church but by the afternoon house cleaning, laundry, yard work or odd projects around the house keep us busy. When we do make an attempt to do nothing, it can be hard to shut off that brain.

Spending time in Sabbath with God is hard work. It actually takes an intentional act on our part to spend time with God. So how do we do that? What does that look like?

How do we quiet ourselves to truly be in rest with God?

We’ll keep it simple and prepare ourselves with just a few things. A few spiritual disciplines that will help.

• Praying. Praying will help you begin the process of entering his presence with a reverent heart.
• Reading his Word. Reading God’s word will remind you of his goodness, his love for you and how he blesses you. I suggest         starting in Psalms.
• Don’t rush it. We are good at checking off the task list. Sabbath isn’t a task it’s entering the presence of God. It’s the beginning of seeking God.
• You might want to keep a journal handy to write down things God will reveal.
• Have some music of soft hymns playing in the background as well.

Again, remember this a time to enter into a special time with God, don’t make it a personal performance or a thing we make happen.

We've learned that seeking Sabbath is fundamental to spiritual health and even to emotional health, as some medical studies have shown. The word “health” means free from illness or injury and is a derivative of the word “whole”. “Whole” means unbroken or undamaged. I like this definition. If our desire is to seek spiritual wholeness we need to be resting in God.

There is another benefit to resting in Sabbath. When we create space in our lives we have time to be real with God. We connect with him. Questions arise, revelations are seen. As a kid did you ever spend time looking up at the sky daydreaming? Think of this Sabbath time as daydreaming with God. The cool part of daydreaming with God is that God can reveal some awesome things for your life. They don’t have to be big lofty dreams, but I guarantee He will show you things in your everyday life I bet you never noticed that God desires for you to take notice.

For example, as you follow these spiritual disciplines they will actually chase away those things that separate us from God. It will keep us focused on God’s heart and His intentions for our lives.

You may be afraid of quieting yourself. This may take you out of our comfort zone, but as God reveals Himself you will begin to see how much fun you will have spending time with God. Yes, I said fun. God is playful and enjoys our company.

Sabbath keeps us looking toward heaven. Resting in Him will not only bring you pleasure but it will bring God pleasure. There is nothing more exhilarating then feeling God’s pleasure when spending time with Him. Now that’s a great way to get re-energized.


The Lord God formed the man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.  Genesis 2:7

Father God, you gave us the breath of life.  It is what gives us life.  In this breath you give us a heart, a soul.  You in us.  Renew my spirit today with this breath of life.  Help me to remember each deep breath comes from you.

I read this verse earlier this week and made a note in my journal to acknowledge God every time I took a deep breath.  Here's what resulted in my little challenge.

I took time to breath.

And each time I did I praised God for the breath of life.

There are many benefits to deep breathing including reducing stress, anxiety, even lower your blood pressure.

But when you do it and praise God for that breath it changes your attitude.  Not only did it change my outlook, I was aware of my interaction with God more times that day.  And that's a good thing.

Let's face it, life is busy and if you are like me it's coming lighting fast.  Slowing down is a good thing!  One I need to do more often.

What ways are your reminded of God through out the day?


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It was the middle of the night.  I should be sleeping but I can't.  Snores gently coming from my husband as he lie next to me.  Every once in a while I hear a car go by our street and then nothing.  Just silence.  Silence and the questions whirling in my head.  Just go to sleep, Lisa!  But the thoughts won't stop, the questions bring more questions.  Ugh!  It's about to make a girl crazy!

When my kids were  little I had problems sleeping at night.  One night I decided I would read my Bible.  I thought perhaps reading the Old Testament might be just boring enough to put me to sleep. (I know, a difficult thing for this pastor to admit)  But I'm a bit of a history buff, so needless to say, it didn't help me to fall asleep.  In fact, the more I read, the more I was interested and the more questions I had.

"Now there was a man of the Pharisees named Nicodemus, a member of the Jewish ruling council.  He came to Jesus at nighand said, "Rabbi, we know you are a teacher who has come from God.  For no one could perform the miraculous signs you are doing if God were not with him." John 3:1-2

Someone else up late at night! And full of questions.  Now Nicodemus knew God's law.  He was a Pharisee and a member of the Jewish council.  He was a smart man and well respected.  Because of his stature, many suspect he went to Jesus in the night so as not to be noticed.

What Jesus says next turns this man's thought process up side down.

"In reply, Jesus declared, "I tell you the truth, no one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again." John 3;3

"How can this be?" Nicodemus ask.

Nicodemus knows the "rules" and like most other Pharisees prides himself on how much he knows and how well he follows those rules.

But Jesus' message wasn't about following rules.  Jesus was trying to show Nicodemus he needed a Savior.  There is only one way to heaven and that is through Jesus paying the price for my sin.  Nothing I do will earn me a way in.  Neither would it for Nicodemus.

As much as I want to do good and noble things, my evil heart gets in the way.  Recently, I began my day with an agenda.  I made a plan and I was going to work MY plan.  But then someone in need came along.  Someone hurting, who had a huge need to know God still loved.  But I had my agenda and my heart grumbled and complained, Lord I'm not equipped, I don't have the skill set, I don't know what to do..... Hold her hand, pray with her, give her a hug, I was nudged to do.  So I did.  I felt horrible for my thoughts and wondered how God could ever use someone like me.  He reminded me that day that I can't do these things alone, I needed Him.John 321


Jesus ends his message to Nicodemus with this:

"But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what he has done has been done through God." John 3:21

Truth is, I will always have questions.  Truth is, I can't do this life by myself.  Truth is, I need Jesus in my life.  Truth is, God loves us because we are His, not because of what we do.

How about you?  Do you wrestle at night with questions?



7 men.  Chosen to minister to the least of these.  The need was so great, too much, for those called to share the gospel.  They needed help.  So 7 men were chosen to do the work, to meet the need.

"Brothers, choose seven men from among you who are known to be full of the Spirit and wisdom." Acts 6:3

I'm sure they wanted to help, I'm sure they saw the need and were confident, I can do this.

I've been there. I've always wanted to serve God, help in anyway I could.

Combine a new Christian with a people pleaser like me, you soon become the person who is doing a whole lot to "help".  Greeting ministry, help hold a child so a momma can go to church or take food to someone just out of the hospital.  It's doesn't seem like much, but it something....I just wanted to serve God.

Notice in verse 3 they were full of the Spirit.  

This was my downfall, I was so busy serving, so busy doing that I was no where near being full in the Spirit.  

When we are filled with the Spirit we have energy, we are satisfied, we are overflowing with abundance.  It's from this "overflowing" our ministry comes.


So how are we to have an abundant life?

And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that having all sufficiency in all things at all times, you may abound in every good work. 2 Corinthians 9:8 (ESV) 

 The simple answer is God gives us that abundant life through His grace.  The truth is we can't know that abundant life if we aren't following God every single day.  If you are too busy doing, then you'll be too busy to follow.

The best, simplest way to follow God is to be in His word every single day.  It is through His word we gain wisdom, it is through His word we gain our identity.

I've learned more about myself these past few years reading God's word. Why I the way I am, what my purpose in life is and why I need God's grace every single day.

Reading God's word, praying, journaling and being with God's family are all ways I am filled up.  Without this, I am but an empty vessel.  


But if we know Him we have fullness of life.  We are a filled vessel, overflowing with abundance.

You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore. Ps 16:11 ESV

This full life won't be free of troubles, my service to God will not look perfect.  In fact, it will probably look pretty imperfect to me.  But in Him, my service will bring me joy, not overwhelm me, not break me nor will it be a burden.  I will serve with joy, overflowing from Him.

There are huge needs out there.  People need God.  People need hope. God gives that hope.  If we are a followers of Christ we are called to share that hope.

How do you "fill" up in order to serve others?  What ways do you share the hope of Christ?


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Blog picture

We were running late.  He had to make coffee for our church event and he didn't want ladies to be without their coffee.  We pulled up to the church and both jump out ready to get the task we needed done accomplished.

I ran around to his side of the car to give him a quick kiss.  "Thank you so much for your help with this, I love you and don't deserve you."

He laughed.  "I don't deserve you!" he said.  Running ahead I shouted back, "Well we are certainly blessed aren't we?"

We have been married a long time.  33 years in fact and over the years we have both wondered "What did I do to deserve such a loving spouse?"

Ever wondered that too?  Maybe in a marriage or perhaps in something else.  I know I have ask that same question of my relationship with God.  "Lord, I don't deserve this, I don't deserve your grace....."

This might be a news flash for you.  We don't deserve "it", meaning God's grace.  We don't.  We didn't do anything to get God's grace.  There was no test, no action required on our part at all.  We don't deserve God's love.

But oh how he lavishes it on us, blessing us beyond our wildest dreams.

For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith - and this is

not from yourselves, it is a gift from God Ephesians 2:8


Yes, he does love you that much.  And all we have to do is accept this gift.  Don't question it, just accept.

I am so thankful God saw fit to partner me with my husband.  He is a caring, thoughtful man who remembers everything!  We balance each other out so well.  He keeps me on task and I remind him to have fun.

My life is not perfect.   The threat of cancer hovers over us, reminding us how fragile life really is.  Financial worries have caused us to call out to God for help.  No, life is definitely not rosy, but it's a blessed life.

I think we will be old and gray and look at each other and marvel at how God gave us each other and possibly think 'I don't deserve you.'  But we are so thankful God choose us to be together.

I don't deserve it, but I'm sure thankful for the gift of grace.

How about you?  What are you thankful for today?


I have the privilege of working at a church.  It is a vibrant and growing church and I love the people there.  Our church is old in years but our building is relatively new.  As our church began to grow we knew we needed to move.  Our old building was land locked and there was no where else to go on our current property.  Our wise leadership team began looking and prayerfully and thoughtfully purchased land where our current building now sits.  This was an exciting time for our church.  There have been times in ministry I have sat back and watch with amazement at how God moves His people.

And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers. And awe came upon every soul, and many wonders and signs were being done through the apostles. And all who believed were together and had all things in common. And they were selling their possessions and belongings and distributing the proceeds to all, as any had need. And day by day, attending the temple together and breaking bread in their homes, they received their food with glad and generous hearts, praising God and having favor with all the people. And the Lord added to their number day by day those who were being saved. Acts 2:42-47

I read this passage and I get excited.  This was the beginning, the movement that started the church.  These people not only believed in God, they saw Jesus!  They knew without a doubt that Jesus died on a cross and rose again.  And they were all about doing the work of the church.  And it was amazing.

Like I said I have watch in amazement at how God moves people to do his work.  But today as I reflect on this passage, I'm not surprised at how God moves people.  It's not like I sit there and say "Wow, God, didn't see that one coming!"  I've come to expect amazing.  He is God after all and I love to watch him use people for His Glory.

He moves children to collect cans of food for a food pantry.

He moves families to want to take care of orphans and widows.

He moves young men to minister to those battling addictions.

He moves men and women to teach young children about Him.

He moves hurting people toward Him to be redeemed by His grace.

He's moved me through my own story of hurt and healing to come to Him each and every day and say "Lord, I need you."  He's moved me to share my story.

So I expect amazing.  I'm not surprised by it any longer.  I delight in it.  For such a time as this I get to witness God in amazing ways.  I'm humbled I serve in the capacity He's called me too.

It's an exciting time to be a part of a church.  We as Christians are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus.  If you are a believer, tell me where is God using you?  If you don't know Jesus as your Lord and Savior may I invite you to find out more?  Look for a local Christian church who can help you start your journey.  Oh and by the way?   Expect amazing!



Easter is coming and I'm not sure about you, but when I was little that was dress up time.   I'm a twin and my mom had fun dressing us up for any special occasion.  We even had hats, gloves and white patent leather shoes.  The dress in this picture was my favorite and as you can tell, it is a bit short, but I begged my mom to wear it on Easter Sunday. I'm not sure why I had my hands over my mouth, and the look on my older sister's face is classic.  I'm sure she was thrilled to be in a picture with the two of us.

forget the frock the real one


When I became a mom, I went a step further and made my girls dresses every Easter.  Oh, did I mention, I would make a matching one for me too?  Yeah, you won't see that one posted here.  But here is one of my girls.

Forget the Frock 1.jpeg


But things are different now.  The girls are all grown up, one with a family of her own.  Being on a church staff, I am on my feet all day long so these days I don tennis shoes instead of patent leathers shoes.  Then this year a special friend introduced me to a movement.

There are times in our lives where the call to do something is so strong you almost can't stand it.  And my friend, Emily was moved into action. She took James 1:27 to heart.

Religion that God accepts as pure and without fault is this: caring for orphans or widows who need help, and keeping yourself free from the world’s evil influence. (NCV)  James 1:27

My heart breaks when I hear of children who are orphaned or abandoned.  I have my own adoption story which you can read about here.  But I am moved to tears when I hear about hurting children.  

James 1:27  is true religion.  You may be asking yourself how can I help?  Not everyone feels called to adopt or run off to a third world country and bring home a child.

Well, there is a for you be involved.  It's called Forget the Frock.

Emily took James 1:27 to heart and made it really simple for us to get involved.  She's helping feed orphans.  And here is how can help.  Instead of purchasing a new Easter dress this year, purchase a t-shirt instead.  Send the money you would use for the fancy duds to Forget the Frock and they will send you a t-shirt to wear on Easter Sunday.  The proceeds from your purchase FTF uses to feed orphans.
FTF 2014 tshirt

It may seem like a small gesture but it's huge to a child who needs so much.  You can hear more of Emily's story at www.forgetthefrock.org.

Oh and I'll be wearing my T-shirt this Easter.  Will you join me?