Recently, I had the opportunity to read Emily P Freeman’s new book Simply Tuesday.  As with other Emily P Freeman books this one continues to make me pause and allow God to do some much needed soul care.  In Simply Tuesday Emily encourages her readers to sit on a bench and seek out God’s kingdom right where we are in those small ordinary moments of our day.

I have to admit I seek big.  I often chase big.  I want larger than life, over the top God size dreams to happen to me every day.  In fact, I’ve experience God in big amazing ways in my life so when I began this book it sort of stopped me in my tracks.  I had to ask the question do I want big for my glory or am I seeking big for God’s glory?

To be sure, God can and does amazing things in very big ways and for His glory.  But Emily invites us to sit on a bench and seek God in everyday ordinary moments.  Emily says, “But the mystery of Christ in you is that there, on the bench, God ushers you into his kingdom.”  She goes on to say, “It is relief that comes from learning to lean back into small-moment living rather than trying to keep pace with a fast-moving world.”

I will be the first to admit I live a pretty crazy hectic life and sometimes my best efforts to slow down and “rest” are met with frustration.  Life just doesn’t stop even when this momma wants to take a nap!  Can I get an amen?

But I don’t want to miss any moment with God.

Big or small, I don’t want to fly by this life and not notice God’s goodness.  

So Emily invites us in to sit on a bench and appoints Tuesdays in which to notice the small in our lives.  Tuesdays are ordinary days.  They are not Mondays, the beginning of the week signaling a change in our weekend routines.  They are not Thursdays or Fridays when we inch closer to “the weekend”.  They are simply Tuesdays.  An opportunity to notice small moments.

I rather like this.  Emily states, ” It isn’t that I don’t believe the small things are important, its more that I forget to care about how important they are.”

Paying attention to small moments has allowed me to notice God’s goodness in my life.  A quick lunch with the hubs and suddenly he’s off to put gas in my car on a hot Arizona day.  A small moment, but one that reminds me how much I’m loved.  A quick glance out the window to notice a humming bird at the feeder.  Pauses to marvel at God’s creations.

“What gives moments meaning is not the moments themselves but the presence of Christ with us in the midst of them. To learn to live well in ordinary time is to keep company with Christ on our simple Tuesdays and remember how he delights in keeping company with us.”

Emily P. Freeman

A little over five years ago, I had one of those stop in my tracks, come to Jesus moments.  It was the crossroad where I looked down one way and say a life filled of fear, self doubt, performance and people pleasing.  The other road…I saw Jesus.  It wasn’t a clear road, rather one that I knew if I trusted Jesus I would have many moments of bench sitting in Christ’s kingdom.  I would be giving up all those things the first road offered, the one taunting me, saying you know this way, it’s your comfort zone and it is the only way.  I chose to trust Jesus.

My life is still hectic and I long to give up hustle but these days I choose to sit on a bench a little longer.  I choose to trust Jesus and know he has my best interest right in the palm of his hand.  I spend less time chasing big (whatever that was!) and more time noticing God’s mighty hand moving me in his plan for my life even in the small moments.

If you would like a copy of Emily P. Freeman’s book “Simply Tuesday Small-Moment Living in a Fast-Moving World you can order it on Amazon, Dayspring or Barnes and Noble.