Today is Good Friday. We just finished a huge Easter Egg Hunt at our church. Over 50,000 eggs, 1500+ families and a ton of prizes. Easter weekend is upon us. Sunday is coming and classrooms need to be prepped, teachers assigned, and chairs arranged. A million things to do to prepare for Sunday. Needless to say, it's a busy time for us church folks.

But today, as everyone is busy in our office preparing for the Easter weekend I can't help but think about Good Friday.

There is goodness in today. We have hope. Hope that Jesus will one day return. But we know the "rest" of the story. We know Sunday came. We read what happen that early Sunday morning. We know Jesus was raised from the dead and sits next to our Father in Heaven. And we place our hope is his returning.

But Friday.....they didn't know that. Friday was dark, defeated, grief filled and......broken.

It filled the air so thick one almost couldn't breath.

Questions swirled. Doubt crept in.

We thought he was the Messiah.

It wasn't suppose to be like this.

This was our King.

How did this happen? Why? God, why?

To be sure as the days and weeks unfolded the answers to these questions would be revealed. Jesus appeared. They touched him. Their eyes were open and pieces of the puzzle were connected.

But how many of us, in our own brokenness, question. Cry out in our grief and pain.....oh how we can get consumed in our own brokenness.

The "good" in Good Friday stems from the hope. And if we fix our eyes on Jesus and the cross that hope swells. That hope envelops us. It lifts ours heads and we receive strength to endure and run this race.

The good in this day is because the veil was torn and he paid the price. Death has overcome. Because of Jesus we can have eternal life free of pain and suffering.

For the disciples, Good Friday seemed the end. But to us, it's the beginning. This changes everything!

They just needed to know that Sunday was coming.......