How Our Family Came to be…..

Sunrise Path

Turning the corner the pastor stopped the car.  At the end of this dirt road was the answer to my hopes and dreams.  It was what we had waited for all those years.  Prayed for, cried for.  At the end of this road.  He mumbled something about getting our composure.  Really?  Composure?  I'm ready to jump out of my skin!  Excited and fear filled my heart.  And the words "Is this really happening" kept running through my head like an overplayed song. 

Those were the first few moment before I met my daughter for the first time.  Excitement understandable, fear on the other hand?  Why fear? Becoming a parent?  To have an adoption process go bad (many had before)?  No my fear was following God's plan for my life, our life, her life.

Those fears washed away quickly as she was placed in my arms.  Such a beautiful baby.  How could we have been so blessed?  I remember whispering to her over and over "Hi, I'm or mom and this is your dad."  We were in love.


That baby is now a mom of her own.  And yes, I am confident in saying, this was God's plan for her life and ours.  And she wasn't the only one, a few years later we adopted another girl.  We thought our family of four was complete.  But God has a great sense of humor and our family planning wasn't God's family planning.  3 more years and 2 pregnancies resulted in 2 boys.  Our family of 6 was complete.

We told our girls their adoption stories right from the beginning and often.  In fact, it was such a part of our family story that when our youngest son was about 4 he wanted to know who his birth mom was.  When I told him it was me, he protested.  "But I want a different birth mommy too!"  

Those growing up years were crazy busy and I loved every minute of it.  There were hard moments and there were moments I wish I could freeze in time.  Like when they would all play together during family vacations.  Brothers and sisters became best friends.

Our adoption stories didn't send us out of the country.  God's plan, as we would explained to our girls, was for them to be in our forever family.

I love hearing about people and their adoption stories.  I cry when I see videos of forever families meeting for the first time. 

And if you are so inclined and feel God tugging at your heart to do more, by all means listen!  There are children out there looking for forever families.  Who knows, you could be one of them.

photo credit: James Wheeler

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