Community will not leave you alone


They met serving in a Sunday school class.  Two single moms, busy raising kids and still wanting to help somewhere.  One said serving in ministry was their peaceful place.  Thus began their community.  I love to watch community happen.  This past weekend those two moms helped one of them move.  That's the beauty of community.  It births friendships, companionship.... families.

My husband and I go to a local McDonald's almost every morning.  We sit at the counter with about six others.  They are our McDonald's family.  It's our community.  If someone doesn't show up for a few days we call each other just to make sure everything is okay.  Here is how this community has been so invaluable to us.  My husband was diagnosed with cancer last year.  One Saturday they showed up to our house to do yard work.  Did I mention we live on an acre?  Most of which is landscaped.  It's an all day job to trim, mow and clean up our yard.  Our friends came and served unconditionally.  Not just once but several times. My husband has a servant heart, so allowing others to serve was a bit difficult for him.  But it's what community does.  Serve each other.

Community helps you not to be alone.  And you are not alone.  I know, you may be having lonely days.  You may feel there is no one out there that is going through what you are going through.  You may feel lonely, but trust me their is a community out there waiting for you.

You just have to look.

If you are looking for community I have a place for you to join.  (in) is a place for you to find community.  I know what you are thinking, an online community?  How is that possible?  Trust me it is.

It's a place for women to connect, to find their voice or just listen to others sharing their lives together.  It's a place you will find people just like yourself.  In the same season as you, whether that's a mom, an empty nester, a single person, someone who struggles with a chronic illness or an artist.

There is community waiting for you.  Right here, right now.

And to make it even more easier for you to join community, (in)courage is starting new community groups.  Groups with people just like you.  Groups that will do community with you.  There are community groups for just about every season of life.  You can check it out here .

Seriously, you need to do this.  You will find people here you can do life together with.  Someone who will understand exactly what you are going through.

Coffee for Your Heart 150

I'm joining Holley Gerth  in her community.  Won't you join us?


You are not alone.  Community will help you feel connected and not .....alone.



4 thoughts on “Community will not leave you alone

  1. Joy Lenton

    A lovely encouraging word, Lisa! You have demonstrated beautifully the power of community to offer support and dispel the sense we all have at times of feeling isolated and alone. Thank you for not only sharing your own experiences but also pointing us to a great online resource too. I think I need to check it out! Bless you, fellow #coffeeforyourheart sister. 🙂 x

  2. Beatriz Magana

    We grow so much when we are and do life in community. I discovered that not too long ago, when my daughter had brain surgery. I use to be a "loner" thinking that I didn't need anyone. But I am a much happier person, and I can count on my community for prayers. Even if it is to call on them to say, "hey, I messed up." They encourage just as you have here.

    1. Lisa Spidle

      I agree your community can be such a safe place to be yourself. I'm glad you have found this. Saying prayers for your daughter...


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