Chaos of Christmas Part 2


I’ve been reading through the Gospels lately.  I love good stories.  I like to read about each character, discover the conflict and read the final climax of a story.  Even better if it’s wrapped up in a happy ending.  So it’s easy for me to read the story of Christ and get so wrapped up in the drama that I find myself skipping through the story just to get to the end.  There is so much to learn, so many minute nuggets in His Story you can’t go skipping through it.  You have to read slowly, purposefully and allow God to show you the story.

Yesterday, I asked you to sit with me and hear the story of Jesus’ birth.  Won’t you take some time today as we finish hearing the best part, the greatest present we could receive this Christmas season.  Put down the to do list for just a moment, grab your coffee and sit.  Enter into the presence of the Holy One for a bit.  You won’t be disappointed.Image

One thing I have found so curious in these stories of Jesus is what is going on around him at any given moment.  There seems to be so much chaos.  Crowds pressing in, wanting something…healing, a teaching, or sadly to trip him up and catch him in a lie.

For instance, in Mark 5, Jarius, a synagogue ruler begs Jesus to heal his daughter.  There are crowds of people pressing in on Jesus but his heart is filled with compassion and he goes with Jarius to his home.  As they are walking, a woman who has been bleeding for years approaches Jesus.  ”If I could just touch his robe I know I’ll be healed”, she says.  Not Jesus, touch his robe.  And he knows!  He senses power has left him and someone is healed.  Jesus turns around and asked “Who touched me?”

So much going on around him, but he knows someone needs forgiveness.  Scared to death, trembling, this woman admits what she has done. Jesus tells her your faith has healed you.  There is a young girl sick and dying waiting for healing and yet Jesus stops to offer forgiveness to another sick one.

Here’s what I find so fascinating about this story.  He’s not in a hurry, he’s not caught up in the drama of the moment.  I know what your thinking, but this is Jesus.  He can bring anyone back to life.  Yes he can and yes he does.  In fact, he does just that for the synagogue ruler’s daughter.

It’s nothing for Jesus to feed 5,000 people or to bring his best friend back to life after being dead for 4 days.  It’s his purpose while here on earth.  To seek and save the lost.  To show us God’s love.

It’s not understood at the time.  Even his disciples can’t seem to get it right.  They kind of understand and then it’s lost on them.  No one sees the big picture.  Even the night he is betrayed, Jesus knows what his purpose is.

My favorite moments in Jesus’ story is when he is alone with God.  He takes time out of the chaos to be alone with his Father. To pray, to talk, to listen to God.  It seems to give him strength, clarity.

While here on earth, he taught us what to do.  To act justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God. Micah 6:8

But in order for us to have a relationship with God, Jesus had to make one final sacrifice.  Because our sin separated us from God, Jesus gave us the ultimate gift in being that sacrifice so we could be with God forever.  He showed us how to love others, to take care of each other, but his best gift?  That was to make a way for us to be with God.

Jesus best present was giving us the presence of God.  So this Christmas season, take some time, a lot of time and fully be present in the presence of God.

He loves you, cares for you and wants to spend time with you.  The chaos won’t stop.  It will continue to swirl around you, but don’t let that stop you from slowing down a bit and seeing God in this season.  Invite Him into your home, your heart.

God doesn’t want us to do, he wants us to be…still….with Him.

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